Mansi Dholakia

CEO of Global Mental Health Association,Psychology Counsellor, Pharmacologist and Author

Mansi is a London based Counsellor, a Pharmacologist, and a motivational speaker. She has graduated from University of Brighton and holds certification in Psychology from University of Cambridge. She is an expert speaker and a very well-known author. She is also the CEO and Global Ambassador of GMHA. She is empathetic, simple minded and extremely friendly to talk to. Her simplicity and empathy for humankind is quite visible while interacting with her. She has won accolades for her work in mental health domain and earned a stellar reputation for counselling teenagers, adults, and families. Her problem-solving skills are par excellence and her compassion for your spirit raises the bar for others. She is extremely polite, understands the gravity of your situation and will guide you towards living a meaningful life.

Her personal tryst with Anxiety and Depression has helped her understand the issues very closely and now she has devoted her life to helping others deal with this. No one should suffer in silence. That is her motto. Anxiety brings fears that are not logical and the only way to get through them is talk to a therapist. Talking about your anxieties is acknowledging it and giving it a chance to subside. Depression swallows you completely and alienates you from friends and family. In such times, you need someone you can trust and confide in. Someone who does not judge you, someone who does not know you personally but a professional who can help you deal with it. Mansi has dealt with clients who are teenagers specially who have lost their path, or have become too repulsive or aggressive towards family and done family counselling too. She has a good grip over the issues that are particularly predominant in Asian cultures and deals with it accordingly. She is an empath and a woman full of substance.

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